Below is a collection of resources to assist students, faculty, and staff in their effort to build relationships with external community stakeholders in a mutually reinforcing way. These resources are free to be used, but pelase cite appropriately. If there are additional resources that you would like to add to this page, please contact

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Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement
In recognition of our commitment to service, the Carnegie Foundation has awarded the University of Pittsburgh the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. This elective designation acknowledges the University’s responsible use of resources and the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge across our institution and throughout the larger community. Learn more about the Classification and Pitt's breadth and depth of community engagement activities in Pitt's Community Engagement Report.

Tips for Professional and Respectful Community Engagement
General guidelines on how to engage professionally and respectfully with members of the community, with specific tips on how to engage over the phone and via email.

The Community Engagement Professional's Guidebook: A Companion to The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education
This book is a companion guide to Campus Compact’s successful publication The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education. In this companion guide, Lina Dostilio teams up with Marshall Welch to build on the initial framework by offering guidance for how a community engagement professional (CEP) should conceptualize, understand, and develop their practice in each of the original competency areas. 

Online Orientation & Preparation: Community Engagement Center in Homewood
Online orientation and preparation resource for Pitt faculty, staff, and students who are working in and with the Homewood Community Engagement Center. Takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.

Lessons Learned from 30 Years of a University-Community Engagement Center
Summary of themes University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development compiled from reviewing 30 years of university-community engagement activities. Described are lessons learned regarding the operation of a university-community engagement unit, the conduct of community-engaged scholarship, and some of the challenges that the engagement endeavor poses to traditional research universities.

The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education: A Competency Model for An Emerging Field 
This book, offered by “practitioner-scholars,” is an exploration and identification of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are central to supporting effective community engagement practices between higher education and communities.

Elsie Hillman Civic Forum
The Elsie Hillman Civic Forum (Elsie Forum) is an initiative developed within the Institute of Politics from a generous endowment from the Hillman Family Foundation, given in Elsie’s honor. The Elsie Forum offers five student programs, each with unique experiences but with one thing in common – dedication to bringing Elsie’s values and passion for civic engagement to the students of the University of Pittsburgh.

Community Engagement in the University of Pittsburgh Honors College
Pitt Honors believes that students who actively engage in their communities will attain an experiential dimension to their education as they test classroom learning firsthand, feel better connected to their academic and social communities, and receive valuable preparation for their future educational and professional careers.

Defining Community Engagement - The Swearer Center at Brown University
Engaged scholarship is the co-creation of knowledge that shifts the position of students and community groups from knowledge consumers to knowledge producers and partners in problem-solving.