2023 Partnerships of Distinction Awardees

Genius, Love, and Joy Summer Academy



Valerie Kinloch, the Renée and Richard Goldman Dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, created the Genius, Joy, and Love Summer Academy, a four-week program that inspires and encourages students to become educators. Guest speakers from Pitt, Pittsburgh and schools around the country discussed the importance of teaching with 14 Pittsburgh Public Schools students.

In This Together Cambria



In This Together Cambria is a nonprofit group of civically engaged citizens, local leaders and community members who worked to help reduce COVID-19 cases in Cambria County. The group’s advocacy committee engaged with regional leaders, sharing evidence-based, community-led solutions to slow the virus’ spread. The storytelling committee collected and shared testimonials from community members about how the pandemic affected them to promote public health and encourage empathy, action and healing.

Measuring Up: Grading Drinking Water Quality, Affordability, and Transparency Practices in Allegheny County Water Systems



When Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) published “Something’s in the Water: A System Analysis on Quality and Transparency in Allegheny County Community Water Systems” in April 2021, an interdisciplinary team at Pitt partnered with the group to investigate its report’s findings. The group investigated the availability of affordable and clean water for residents across Allegheny County’s 36 community water systems and the transparency of the community water systems practice to ratepayers. Together, WHE and the Pitt collaborators generated a report that discusses the partnership’s results and provides recommendations for moving forward.